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Shot at RAW Fitness, Chaguanas.
 What advice would you give to these “significant others” who may not quite understand the dedication required to be a bodybuilding/physique athlete?
The advice I would give to these "significant others" would be me educating them about the entire process of dieting and training. Training and dieting for a competition requires a tremendous amount of dedication and discipline. You can't afford to miss out meals or training sessions. Not getting your meals on time will cause the body to go into a catabolic state, a break down phase which you never want to happen because you start losing your gains. Training those muscles and breaking them right down will only bring more growth when you eat on time and get sufficient rest, at least 8 hours of night rest.
What is the most rewarding thing about what you do?
The most rewarding thing about what I do is seeing clients smile. When I can make someone smile, it brings joy and purpose to my life. Seeing people happy is very important to me, knowing the vast amount of stress that this life brings. That's why I chose Massage Therapy and Personal Training. It brings joy and confidence to an individual when you see how amazing your body can look with exercise. After massages also when I hear, "Yes Bruce now I feel I can take on the world!", "I feel so relaxed and energized at the same time!"
Tell us about one weird experience you've had as a massage therapist? (There must be at least one).
One weird experience I had as massage therapist was when one of my clients started crying during the session and she didn't know why. She then told me a week after that her psychiatrist said she had some traumatic times in her childhood and that was just the pain and negative energy leaving her body.

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