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 BRUCE Allum
AGE: 28 | HEIGHT: 6’ | WEIGHT: 180 lbs
FB: Bruce Antonio
IG: @bruceno1
What is your full time career?
My full time career is the occupation of a Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer.
How long have you been doing the two?
I have been a Massage Therapist 6 years and a Personal Trainer 8 years.
Why did you get into massage therapy and what are some of the benefits for the person receiving the massage?
I got into massage therapy being convinced by my wife that I should do it because it goes hand in hand with Personal Training and exercising. Benefits of regular massage include physical, mental and emotional benefits such as increased red blood cell count, decreased muscle deterioration, promotes quality sleep, reduces anxiety and the list goes on.
How often then should someone who trains regularly have a professional massage done?
As a rule of thumb, having a massage at least once a month is recommended. For new clients with injuries or chronic pain you can start off with a massage twice a week for 2-4 weeks then once a week for the same period and then once a month for a maintenance program.
How do you feel about foam rolling?
Foam rolling I think is a good first aid to recovery and injury prevention. It helps break up scar tissue and myofascial release but for serious injuries and chronic pain, massage therapy is required.

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