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What advice would you give to anyone who dreams of performing at that level?
What level exactly? I dance and have danced at many different levels. For any level my advice would be to never step into a room with a competition mind set. Be it a dance class, workshop or competition, always go into it with the intention to learn, to have fun, and to be the best you that you can be.
What's your proudest moment in life so far?
My proudest moment was seeing for the first time the growth and improvement in some of the kids I teach. Watching them perform at their aerial recital and remembering how they were when I first got them compared to how they performed that day made me tear up a little.
Do you enjoy going out dancing with friends?
A little too much. I don’t drink but the music and vibe gets to my head and I lose control. I’m not even ashamed [laughs]. I have the best time dancing with my girls. That’s probably because I was in the states for five years without visiting home.
Has there been a lot of interest being shown toward pole dancing in Trinidad?
The majority of Trinidadians still see pole dancing as a taboo or still subconsciously refer to pole dancing as stripping. Whereas where I lived in Los Angeles the culture is more accepting of different genres of dance. There, pole dancing is as equal as ballet. Pole dancing can be very risqué but it can also be very classical and elegant. The pole is a prop jus like a feather or a cane. There has not been as much interest as I was used to in LA. I still do not feel comfortable performing pole in Trinidad because the chances of the audience seeing my pole routine as artistic instead of a strip tease is very unlikely. Most of the time I’d get more reaction and applause from an audience when I open my legs in straddle than when I do a difficult invert or an elegant spin. I plan on changing this perspective.
What are your plans for the future where your dance career is concerned?
I am taking my future one day at a time. There’s so much I’d like to do. I’d like to compete in pole championships internationally, continue teaching, grow as a dancer and an acrobat, and the list goes on. I never planned on being in a music video and low and behold I was chosen to be by simply following my passion. I’ve set dance goals in the past and I’ve achieved them. Right now I don’t have one set goal but I am working on a new goal to pursue. Dance is not the only career I have planned for my future.

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