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 “It was a lifelong dream of mine to dance” she says, “but from a young age I was sent to do swimming, tennis, and volleyball.” “Growing up, dancing was not presented to me as an opportunity by my parents, by my school and the culture I grew up in. I knew very little about the dance opportunities in Trinidad. I was also interested in gymnastics from a young age but did not get the opportunity to pursue it.”
At the age of twenty five Sade began dancing, living in Los Angeles while working as a cashier at a restaurant. Nights were consumed with ballet and jazz classes at International Dance Academy in Hollywood where she tried her best to keep up with the other dancers much of whom were dancing all their lives. She then came across aerial classes while attending college in Orlando. She was inspired by the embodiment of the art of dance and gymnastics into one art form and instantly fell in love. “I could not keep up with the payments because of my status as an international student, but as soon as I was financially able , I continued taking classes in Los Angeles at Trapeze School New York, Santa Monica, California.”
While living in Los Angeles she was exposed to a lot of “interesting people” but it would be the Brazilians that would go on to hold the most influential role in her dance life. “They approached me to take Samba classes without even knowing me or about my interest in dance. I saw this as a sign and accepted the offer, no questions asked.” For Sade the Samba did not come as natural as other dances and in the beginning she had a difficult time getting the hang of it but in a few short months she was performing with the group. “A few months later I was dancing at a wedding as a Copacabana Sambista. It was the most liberating and exhilarating experience I've ever felt.” Before she knew it Sade was touring Los Angeles and neighbouring cities of California dancing, winning dance competitions, and after moving to Miami and competing against hundreds of Brazilians and Samba Dancers, she was chosen to appear in a music video. “I danced as a front line Samba Dancer in Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte’s ‘We Are One’ World Cup Video.”
She eventually moved back to Trinidad and continued performing samba for fashion shows and events with Christopher Nathan and Heineken’s World Tour. “I joined Provocative Fitness as an aerial instructor and taught myself pole acrobatics. With the skill, strength and knowledge I earned from my aerial training, becoming a self-taught pole acrobat was not too challenging.” She also trains and coaches gymnastics with Lambert School of Dance and Gymnastics, as well as aerial arts with LSDG and Rhythmika Ltd.
“Now at the age of thirty, I have accomplished a lot in my dance life. My love for dance grows more and more with every opportunity given to me. My journey has taught me a lot and I still have a lot to learn. I plan on taking in as much as I can as it comes."

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