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 Did you get a lot of support from family and friends when you first decided to pursue dance as a career?
I got support yes, they weren’t jumping up and down with excitement because dance is not their thing. They trusted my decision and blindly supported me in every decision I’ve made concerning my dreams. They try to attend every show/performance and they are there for me wholeheartedly.
What is your favourite style of dance and why?
I hope the Brazilians don’t read this article, but Contemporary hands down. Contemporary breaks rules, it tells a story, its expressive and emotional. Contemporary combines different genres of dance like Jazz, Lyrical and Ballet. Contemporary can be sexy, morbid, emotional, or spooky. Every contemporary class I’ve been to was different. I never knew what to expect. I loved it!
In the beginning it must have been challenging trying to keep up with dancers who have been doing it much longer than you, how did you keep from getting discouraged?
Passion kept me from getting discouraged. I loved every minute of it. I attended advanced classes at International Dance Academy and they encouraged me to dance among advanced dancers. The challenge was exhilarating and the outcome was rewarding.
Dancing is physically demanding, do you involve other forms of exercise to stay in top shape?
Most of my fitness comes from dance and aerial acrobatics but I do have to workout (weighted or body weight) to balance myself to prevent injury.
How does it feel to live everyday doing something you love?
At times its challenging but passion drives me more than gold. I love doing what I love and teaching what I love.
What was it like working on the World Cup music video?
Umm ... people expect me to answer this question by saying it was the best day of my life but it was not as exciting as people expect to be honest. It was great! I enjoyed every minute of it but it was just like all the other shows I did. I was very, very honoured to dance alongside Brazilian singer Claudia Leitte. Meeting her and chatting with her was the most exciting part of the shoot.

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