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 you must be willing to make for him. Or, try the invitation to join you at the gym again. If you could benefit by shedding a little weight, then try setting common goals with timelines, preparations for an upcoming birthday or anniversary? Have a joint commitment to exercise a set number of times during the week.
Let him pick the pace
Be realistic
As you’ve been training, you might be faster or stronger than he is. So when he joins you, refrain from showing off or complaining that the pace is slower than what you’re accustomed to. Focus instead on the fact that you got him going. Give him tips from your experience and help him to learn. If he may feel intimidated, choose an activity that’s foreign territory to both of you. Level the playing field as he becomes active and you will spend fun, quality time getting fit as a couple.
Be flexible
If you’re an early morning person but he prefers an evening workout, find ways to compromise. If you missed morning spin, then go for a bike ride in the afternoon, instead.
There might be very good reasons why he has a low activity level. Perhaps he is genuinely fatigued from not getting enough sleep. Work-related stress and long hours may be having an effect on him. Does he complain that he doesn't have time to get to the gym? Allow him that time by volunteering to help him with some time consuming activity a couple times a week.
Don’t forget Rewards
If he agrees to go trail biking with you? Promise to take him to see a much anticipated movie. An hour in the gym? Offer to give him a massage afterwards. He's developed a thing for swimming? Sit pool side and have his sunblock ready. He may need a little something to look forward to!
Make it a matter of Health
Focus on his health, or if you are becoming less compatible because of his inactivity, tell him in an open, but compassionate way. Bring it up in the course of a relaxed, tension-free conversation. If he is receptive and open and you are sensitive and kind, he is more likely to take your
by Dr Seuling Chow Hernandez | HBE Fitness Email: FB: HBE Corporate Wellness
IG: hbe_fitness

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