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 concernstoheart.Ultimatumsmaynotworkeither.‘Ifyoudon’tdo something about your weight it’s over!” is inviting resentment or withdrawal. This would have to be an absolute last resort, used only after you have tried everything but really can’t deal with the situation. At which point you may need professional help.
Eat healthy
Remember, fitness is not all about the physical activities, much of it depends on your diet. Invite him into the kitchen to prepare meals together and learn about healthy alternatives. Try new recipes together. When you’re out, order grilledchickeninsteadoffriedchicken.Smallthingsthatweintegrateinto our relationships start to become the norm. Keep junk food out of the house, instead have a good supply of fruits and veggies, switch to non-fat milk. He won’t have a choice but to eat what’s in front of him. If he does try to eat healthy, don’t make him feel bad if he’s had a bad day and binges on junk food. Ignore all the things he’s doing wrong and only use positive reinforcement. Never make him feel bad, it’s not conducive to your end goals and could have the opposite effect, he may actually turn to unhealthy food or habits to seek comfort.
Have Realistic Expectations
The average boyfriend or husband is not a physique model. It may not be realistic to expect your partner to become one. Many models you see in
advertisingmayactuallybequiteunderweightordehydrated. Pleasedon’t try to make him jealous or talk about how hot guys are at the gym. Also don’t compare his progress with someone else’s; this is his adventure with you, no one else. Give your guy a break! If you’re in a healthy relationship, you’re with him for the person he is, not just his body. Appreciate that if you plan on growing older with this person, it’s inevitable that his body is going to age.Itwillhappentoyoutoo. Sodon’texpecthimtohavethesamebody he did when you met forever.
Celebrate goals
Complimenthimconstantlyandsincerelyonthe“wins”. Praisehimwhen he eats well, or does a workout, but be sincere. For example, I love the way your arms look in that shirt or you’re so good at saying no to chocolate. Celebrating the little things can help your partner stay motivated.
So as you slip into that Valentines dress, don’t be too harsh on him, he may not be as ripped or energetic as you once knew him but you still love him and now you have a plan! Show him that you care; he’ll love you for it more!!
“Ready hun? It’s going to be a GREAT night!” Happy Valentines!!

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