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  Was it easy to change your diet?
The diet part was the hardest. Coming from a household where there is always a pot on the stove, it was hard at first to sit with a bowl of veggies when there is macaroni pie in the oven.
Which body part are you most proud of?
I am most proud of my arms. After I lost the weight my body in a few places was flabby. To havearmsasleanandtightasIdonowisa huge deal for me
What is your favorite workout?
My favourite workout is back day. I love pulling movements, I can go really heavy and I enjoy the feeling I get when I feel that contraction of the muscle
What's the best part about being in a relationship where both people are really into the fitness lifestyle?
Many things that regular people who aren't as fit as us would not understand, she can completely relate to. Things like weekly meal prep, soreness, or even the sadness that we feel when our protein is almost done. We completely understand each other and she is someone I'm very thankful for.
If you weren't into fitness what else would you probably be doing?
I would probably be into videography or gaming. I was never too into typical sports like football or cricket. I was always the indoor type.
What is one legacy you plan to leave behind, what should the world remember about Aaron Armstrong?
People should always remember me as the guy that commanded people to respect him for his accomplishments. I have done a lot with my life and that weight loss in itself should make people remember my name

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