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with Tamara Ribeiro-Bailey IFBB Pro
Resistance bands are a great piece of workout equipment, they fit in your carry bag, glove box of your car, the drawer or overhead storage at work and the best part, it’s very inexpensive and comes in different resistances. We’re happy to bring you a full body workout with just these bands from T&T Pro Figure Athlete Tamara.
The Workout
Complete 3 reps with 30 seconds rest in between sets.
1. Band Thrusters 10-15 reps
2. Bicep Curls 10-15 reps
3. Bent Over Row 10-15 reps
4. Reverse Flyes 10-15 reps
5. Resisted Push-Ups 10-15 reps
6. Overhead Tricep Extension 10-15 reps

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