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  How did your life change when you became fit?
For the first time I felt as though people were more open to getting to know me for who I actually am. Sad to say but I would have never gotten the attention I get now back when I was heavier.
What are your goals now for the new you?
I want to do my first show next year. My goals are to become as lean as possible as a natural athlete
You must find yourself being able to identify with others who would like to lose a lot of weight and get in shape. What is your approach to someone who doesn't think it's possible for them or that it's too hard?
I always use myself as an example, I have made a dramatic turnaround in my life. I always show others am not a special case. I always offer to help people with their transformation because I know that I would've liked someone there for me when I was going through mine
Do you have anyone who really supports and pushes you to achieve your goals?
My family has always supported my decision to go healthy, but their understanding for the lifestyle I live is limited so too is the support. My girlfriend is the first person to truly understand my struggles as an athlete as she, herself, competes.
If you could look back on your former self and give yourself one piece of advice what would it be?
I would tell my former self to start earlier. I missed out on so many events in my life because I was afraid of being in the public eye because of the way I looked. I skipped so many birthday parties, school functions and get together a because I was highly introverted

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