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  What is your biggest and proudest accomplishment so far?
So far my biggest and proudest moment thus far is being able to walk around in public not worrying if people are laughing at my weight.
What was it like being overweight as a young teenager?
Being overweight as a young teenager was horrible. Going to an all boys school especially. They had every insulting nickname for me in the book. Elepow hurt the most, they said I looked like a mix of elephant pig and cow.
What contributed to your weight getting out of control?
Honestly, I had a huge appetite, I still do now. I used to eat any and everything in sight without any regard for how it would affect my body. I just loved everything that didn't love me.
What inspired you to change your life?
I was afraid of dying young. I was seriously out of shape and I needed to do something. That and i wanted to go to a store and buy clothes instead of having to have them altered all the time.
How difficult was it losing all that weight, how long did it take and what kept you motivated?
It honestly wasn't that difficult for me, maybe because I knew the end result I wanted so I used that to drive me forward. It actually took me about 6 months. I always looked at the bigger picture, obviously there were days where I wantedarotibutIdidwhatIhadtodo

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