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Remembered by Friends
& Family! By Dr. Seuling Hernandez, HBE
“The first time I met Brett he struck me as an extremely humble and deeply introspective individual. He was 110% dedicated to his craft. This was a man who knew what he wanted and knew how to work for it. "There are so many things I have to share" is what he said to me. There was no doubt that he was the type of person always willing to share his knowledge and wisdom with others. He was a kind and generous soul. But we will let you hear it from those who knew him best.” Andrew Hall, Editor in Chief, We Fitness Magazine
“You’re doing what? Juniors? Physique? But, that’s three weeks away Brett!” That was Brett, always poised to take on a challenge and go at it with a vengeance. It was an exciting race against time and while the Team of HBE friends and family merged to give him all of the support he needed, Brett calmly and methodically went through his training program, even taking time to help the other competitors in his gym with their preparations.
Brett made his debut at the T & T National Junior Bodybuilding Championships, 2015. To the delight of all who knew him he emerged victorious. Immediately afterwards he set his sight on the Sportsworld Classic. It was his crowning moment, a night of sheer energy as he wooed the audience and walked away victorious! He went on to win his category at the National Seniors Bodybuilding Championships in the same year. The “Go Brett Go!” HBE chant was infectious!

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