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Chief Executive Officer & Photographer Kirk Padmore
Angela Padmore
Editor in Chief
Andrew Hall
General Manager
Dale Padmore
Production Manager
Melanie Pantin
Production Assistant
Robyn Pantin
Alicia Martin
Kirk Padmore Seuling Hernandez Tamara Ribiero-Bailey
Make Up Artists
Robyn Pantin (Gigi)
Models & Contributors
Aaliyah Wright
Bella Sookdeo
Cathy Charles
Gigi Too-A-Foo
Fidel Thomas
Hellen Pantin
Jade Panin
Jenna De Leon
Keishel A. Williams Kenny Lindsay Kerlandrea Browne Kevin Lucas Lawrence “The Beast” Marshal Nia Padmore
Samantha Peters Susana Hadad
Special Thanks to
Junior Fitness Ladies
T&T Bodybuilders Federartion Sport World Classic
Family & Friends of Brett Bengochea
  04Farewell Brett Bengochea 06Meet Kenny Lindsay 08Q&A with Kenny 16Soca Song Challenge 18WF Body | GiGi Too-A-Foo 24Legs & Glutes Workout
What’s Inside
28Fry Bake & Channa Recipe 30Centerfold with Kenny 32Bodyglow Nutrition 34Protein Milkshake Recipe 36Meet the “Juniors” 42WF Body | “Jamesy”
  48How to prep for your Fitness Photoshoot
52What to Expect at your First Bodybuilding Show
56Calendar of Events 58Word Search
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