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 “On April 29th 2017, the fitness community tragically lost one of its brightest stars, Brett Bengochea. Accomplished martial artist, actor, physique athlete and much more. It always comes as a shock to get news of the passing of someone. Death is the most guaranteed thing in life yet it's always the most shocking, most unexpected and most dreadful news anyone can receive. There's no reason to believe that one person should live longer than anyone else, but when someone as inspirational, charismatic, humble, and driven as he was is lost to us we
can’t help but ask... why?
We here at WeFitness Magazine have had the pleasure of working with Brett back in 2016 and regrettably we were unable to grace our pages with his presence then. He was one the most likable people that I've personally met since the inception of this publication, not only professional but extremely down to earth, kind, intelligent and philosophical. As a martial artist he was a believer in Bruce Lee’s philosophies and applied them to
his training as a physique athlete.
Brett impacted me as a man of wisdom which he was eager to share and even in his death he taught us that although we are all given just one life to live, no matter how short our time may be, one life is enough to affect the lives of so many more. Be it as a friend, a father, a brother, a son, a soulmate, a trainer, a spotter or just a Good Samaritan, our lives were never
meant to be self serving, we are here for each other.
In honor of a man who embodied the true spirit of integrity, we dedicate this issue to you Brett. Thank you for
sharing yourself with us.
Andrew Hall
Editor in Chief

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