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  We heard that you are an identical twin, is he as much into working out and athletics as you?
He isn’t as much into working out and athletics as me but he is into it.
What trait do you two have most in common and what trait is totally opposite?
The trait we have most in common is
striving for excellence in whatever we put our minds to do. The trait that is totally
opposite is that he is talkative and am only talkative only when I need to be.
Any funny twin stories?
When we were like nine years old he [my brother] was going to get a “cut-tail” from my mum for something he did, he started to cry before we could go tell her the news. I felt sorry for him so on our way home we stopped at the corner of our street and switched all of our clothes with the aim of changing identities. I ended up taking the licks for him after. It was so devious that I promised myself never to take any licks

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