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  How has your military training and experience benefited you in the gym and out in the world?
It has benefited me mentally as I have developed more of a strong and disciplined mindset which allows me to push to exceed my limits. It has also benefited me to become slow to anger, allowing me to be a more calm and collective individual.
Would you rather swim a mile or run a mile?
I’d rather run mile.
Women love a man in uniform, but they also like to see abs. Which date option would you take her on ... day trip to a remote beach or a private sailing on a CG ship?
A day trip to a remote beach.
What has your experience been like as a sponsored athlete and how has it contributed to your success?
My experience as a sponsored athlete by Raw Fitness Health Club & Express Grill has truly been an amazing one. I enjoy representing the gym as it feels like my home away from home. Being sponsored has contributed to my success in a really big way as I was able to take part in international and regional competitions, it has also contributed to my diet and nutrition as I am sponsored with all of my competition meals which plays a crucial role for me as I don’t depend on supplements but rather on natural foods.

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