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  for him again, he still owes me one up to this day.
Any plans to compete internationally this year?
I have already competed in two international competitions this year one being The Amateur Olympia Pro Qualifier which was held in Colombia where I placed third, and the other being The Diamond Cup Pro Qualifier competition which was held in the Dominican Republic where I obtained third place as well. I do intend to compete at a lot more international
competitions this year as I am on a drive to become a pro men’s physique athlete by winning my pro-card at one of these shows. I can feel it getting closer and closer as I progress in the sport.
What do you hope to accomplish by the end of 2017?
Becoming a pro men’s physique athlete. I also hope to develop some of the new upcoming men’s physique athletes and to accomplish all of my personal goals that I have set out to achieve this year.

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