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  What percentages do you think genetics, nutrition and gym training account for in becoming a great bodybuilding/physique athlete?
I think generally genetics account for 0% because some of the top athletes in the world never started off with good genetics but they worked extremely hard to get to this level, so no matter the genetics anyone can be a great bodybuilder/ physique athlete once their reason “why” is big enough. However I would say that gym training accounts for 30% while diet and nutrition account for 70% for it is the most important aspect of the sport.
How has your success on stage impacted your success as a personal trainer?
It has impacted my success in a really positive way allowing me to obtain more clients as well as developed more opportunities for me to create programs to help others meet their goals and objectives as well.
Being in the coast guard we assume that one’s fitness level should be above average. Do you feel like this gives you an advantage when you hit the gym?
Honestly I always had a high fitness level before I went into the coast guard so I don’t feel like it gives me an advantage when I hit the gym.

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