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  What are some of your highlights from 2016?
2016 was a really good year for me but literally challenging as well because I had just completed a rigorous six month training in the T&T Coast Guard obtaining multiple injuries. Shortly after completing that I had to immediately start back training and preparing to defend my National Men’s Physique title which I did and emerged victorious again. Later down in the year I had the opportunity to compete at the Central American Championship (CAC) where I brought home two first place trophies for T&T, that was a big accomplishment for me being so close to getting my pro-card.
How long have you been a physique athlete?
Two and a half years.
What was the time frame between when you first started training seriously and winning your first trophy?
The time frame when I first started training seriously was actually [the same time] when I decided to start competing, this was [within] two months. I won my first trophy which was first place at my first competition in November 2014.
How did you manage to accomplish so much in such a short period of time?
By developing a love for the sport, capitalizing on my fitness foundation, consistently training hard, remaining focused and believing that someday I will be number one in the world putting Trinidad and Tobago on the
map where body building is concerned.
Shot at RAW Fitness Gym, Gasparillo.

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