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  When you first started out you trained yourself, do you still train on your own or do you now work with a trainer?
When I first started out I trained myself with the help of Sheldon Seebaran who taught me how to pose properly as well as a couple vital training sessions with a top trainer who goes by the name Jamesy. After winning the overall Men’s Physique title in 2015 I soon had the opportunity to meet pro bodybuilder Quincy Winklaar and
his beautiful wife, figure Athlete Kailash Winklaar who took me under their wings. They are now my coaches and best friends. I am now an ambassador of the ‘Winklaar Army’ team. The results I am seeing now since training with them are major improvements compared to when I had just started in the sport. I am really thankful for all the help and advice from every one of the mentioned individuals above that held my hand on this journey.

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