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Shot at Evolution Fitness, Chaguanas.
 Who is your biggest inspiration?
My Zumba Education Specialist (ZES) April Smith along with a few other local and international Instructors.
How important is living a healthy lifestyle to you?
Most definitely, live what you preach! I won't a be good fitness instructor if I'm out of shape.
Besides Zumba and Fitness, what are you other passions?
Latin and Ballroom Dancing has been my passion for over 7 years and this was a huge influence in my Zumba journey.
There has been some very disturbing videos and pictures of animal abuse being shared on social media... Being an animal lover, what can we do as human beings to be more caring towards other living creatures?
Take responsibility for your pets and animals around you. A lot of the cruelty exposed on social media is due to owner neglect. Don't get a pet if you're not prepared to treat it like family. Spay and neuter when necessary to avoid strays.
What is your favourite pet to have?
Bunny Rabbits!!!!
If you were a superhero, what would be your super powers?
Oh that's a though one! Super Human Intelligence and the ability to fight like a total badass!
We know you're not a full time fitness professional, you're also a dancer and full time career woman. What's it like balancing the life of Bella?
Haha! Well in summary, I'm ALWAYS on the go. Early mornings to late nights all day everyday! Dancing is my hobby now and my stress reliever but everything else I have goals for and to meet those goals I gotta put in that time and effort. I'm very determined to make a positive impact in what I do for both my fit and career lifestyles.

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