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AGE: 25 | HEIGHT: 5’ 2” | WEIGHT: 121LBS
FB: Bella Sookdeo
IG: @bellaskd
Who or what inspired you to take part in Zumba and then to become such an amazing Licensed Instructor?
My love and passion for dance and music inspired my first Zumba experience as a participant. I didn't want to get licensed until someone told me to just give a try for the hell or it. And well here I am
What is Strong by Zumba and how is it different from regular Zumba?
STRONG is an all fitness HIIT class designed by Zumba Fitness. This class is very much unlike regular zumba where we burn calories through dance fitness. It's a full body, body weight muscle conditioning class that combines HIIT with elements of kick boxing to create a unique workout blend. No dance.
Which do you prefer between Zumba and Strong by Zumba and why?
I love them both equally as Zumba fuels my passion for dance and Strong fuels my recent passion for fitness and pushing my limits to achieve my body goals.
What's been you toughest hurdle as an instructor?
Convincing people that results take dedication and time. Everyone's journey is unique so don't let someone else's opinion be yours. I even struggle in this area from time to time.

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