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 wazim mohammed
AGE:40 | HEIGHT:5’6”| WEIGHT:158lbs
FB: wazimm1
IG: wazhardcore
Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in health and fitness?
About 20 years ago a friend introduced me to the gym, while there I simultaneously began doing martial arts, at first there were challenges but I didn’t give up. Being in the gym also helped me strengthen and improve my body, I also recovered from injuries sustained during martial arts. I've never looked back since.
At what point in your life you decided to give bodybuilding a try?
To be honest I had simply gotten fed up of what I was seeing in the mirror, I was totally dissatisfied. I told myself it was time to do something about it and change was only going to happen by training alongside others who were competing in the sport and not just fitness.
What do you love most about being on stage?
Being on stage is a culmination of emotions, I'm not focused on the results, just the opportunity to showcase my physique after months of hard work and sacrifices is rewarding.
Has bodybuilding changed your life in anyway?
It definitely has... Bodybuilding is a lifestyle for me now, it has made me more confident and improved my overall health and fitness. In general, I've grown in all aspects. Plus there’s nothing wrong with having some extra eyes on me. After all I am a certified model (laughs)

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