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AGE: 39 | HEIGHT: 5’ 1” | WEIGHT: 130 lbs
FB: Fiona Branker
IG: @Fitdivafi
How long have you been a trainer?
13 years professionally (certified)
What was it that attracted you to your choice of career?
My parents raised us following a healthy lifestyle. My dad is a former football coach and has been in martial arts for more than 25 years. My mom has always been an avid exerciser and prepared healthy meals and snacks. It seemed almost natural to choose a career where I can help others to do the same.
We heard that you specialize in women’s fitness and you only train women, why is that?
The main reason is empowerment. Helping women to understand that they are amazing and powerful beings is awesome. Additionally, women are physically, psychologically and physiologically different from men and as such there are subtle but marked differences in our response to training. Plus there are a lot of myths which still surround female training.
Why do you think that a lot of women are intimidated to go to the gym?
The greatest myth surrounding women's fitness is that they will get "bulky" or "manly" so they prefer to stay away. In addition to which, the gym is still very male dominated which can of itself be quite intimidating to a woman especially one who has yet to build up her confidence.

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