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 Do you often come across the stereotype that weight lifting will make women masculine and bulky? How do you dispel the myth?
Ughhh! It's the bane of my existence! I do my best to educate women, to teach them why it's biologically difficult for the average woman to get "bulky" and how beneficial weight training can be both in the long and short term.
Did you always have plans to compete or was it something you were encouraged to try?
I never planned to compete! I actually saw Candace John one day at the gym and just loved the way she looked. Genetically I carry a lot of muscle so I was like "I can do that!" And with the support of my family, I did and fell in love with the stage.
How long have you been competing on stage?
Just about eight years.
What do you enjoy the most about the sport?
Everything! I love training and eating to build muscle. I love the science of preparing for a show. Making diet and exercise changes and seeing your body respond to those changes is amazing. Plus as every mas player would know, there's something addictive about being on the stage in costume.
Many people don't understand just how much work goes into to being a physique athlete, what is your schedule like on an average day?
For each athlete it's different depending on off-seasonor pre-contest.Forme:wake up (2am) and meal prep (breakfast, lunch and snack) for my family and I. Get to the gym to train, train clients or teach spin classes. Back home to prep afternoon meals, make sure everything is in order for my son (homework, revision etc). Head back to the gym for some conditioning training, train clients. Home for dinner and prep for the next day (whew).

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