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Website Instagram @f.a.b.kalifa Facebook kalifafab
Snapchat @fab.kalifa
T&T Fitness Athlete | AFAA Certified personal trainer
Age 35 | Height 5ft, 7in | Weight127lbs
The beautiful Kalifa Phillip is a self proclaimed “Fitness Ambassador” ... and rightfully so. Through hard work, dedication and pure passion, the former beauty pageant contestant has transformed herself into such. With just about one year into the sport of bodybuilding she has attained no lower than forth place in seven local and regional competitions, most recently placing fourth in Trinidad and Tobago’s National Senior Championships Open Category.
Hailing from south Trinidad the 35 year old has put in the work to create the image for herself that she believes in and one that others can believe in as well. She is a certified personal trainer always offering advice and motivational support to her online followers.

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