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 Men’s Physique Catagory
Trinidad & Tobago Body Builders Federation, National Junior Championships, 6th June 2015.
So that’s great, you’re well on your way. I mean, once you have all that down, the rest takes care of itself right? Ahh, if only.....
Presentation is key!!
So many athletes walk away from a competition plotting the death of the judges - “dey tieeeff!!” Because after all, conditioning, symmetry, V-taper, 10-pack abs – everything “on fleek”! That might actually be true, but many athletes don’t realize that the competitor who takes the win doesn’t always have the best body. When judges are faced with very similar physiques in a lineup, they must find a way to separate them – this is where they start to focus on the small details. This is why on-stage presentation is such a crucial aspect of contest preparation, but sadly, is so often neglected or left for the last minute.
Posing Practice
All of the categories in the sport require the athletes to execute mandatory poses on stage, in some cases both individually and in a lineup. Some categories, like Men’s Bodybuilding and Women’s Physique also have free posing rounds. Women’s Figure, Bikini and Men’s Physique are required to do individual presentations or “T-walks”. These rounds are also very critical, because that’s the time you get to let your unique personality shine, to catch the judges’ attention and stand out from your competitors. Smile! Show confidence! Strut around that stage like it’s on sale and your protein runs out tonight! Ladies, practice walking in your heels so that come show time, it won’t look like it’s your first day at MJU (Moko Jumbie University).
Instead of Googling Caitlyn Jenner, do some research on your category and make sure you know the mandatory poses. In between looking at videos of cats being frightened by cucumbers and episodes of Lip Sync Battle, scour You Tube for clips of experienced athletes free posing and T-walking in competition, then practice practice practice!

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