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           Brendon Francis
Certified Fitness & Nutrition Coach Certified Physical Training Instructor
WF: We heard that you earned your PTI certification through the T&T Defence Force program. We’re guessing that anything to do with the army is tough, how was that experience?
BF: My Physical Training Instructor certification experience was a harsh one, challenging both mentally and physically nonetheless full of excitement! I gained a lifetime of physical and theoretical knowledge along with lifetime lessons of discipline and respect.
WF: If you had to join any of the armed services anywhere in the world, which would you choose and why?
BF: I admire the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service and would very much choose this above all. As a prison officer, I will not only do my duties as an officer but also try to influence prisoners to better themselves so that they can be improved individuals instead of resorting to crime. I would also like to be a part of the training camp on site so that I can help train others within the service.
WF: The entire fitness industry has really exploded locally in the last few years, from body building to Cross fit to yoga and even pole dancing. What do you think is the reason for this growth?
BF: With the obesity epidemic and related lifestyle diseases such as heart [disease], diabetes etc., persons are now becoming more aware of their health. They wish to live over 50 and 60 years to see their family grow and share their love with them. The variety of exercise programs in which persons can choose to become fit is one that makes it fun and stress free for them, hence the diversified supply was needed to service this growing market”
WF: How often do you do cardio?
BF: My body responds quickly to cardio and as a physique athlete, weight and size matters, therefore, three days a week works well for me during peak season, that is, competition time.
WF: Treadmill vs roadside?
BF: I prefer the changing scenic roadside and it gives me better results in terms of muscular definition but with the hour that I usually start and number of vehicles of the road lately, it is safer for me to do the treadmill. Safety first peeps! And hey, the treadmill is easier on my joints too! Occasionally though, I make time to do a run on the Lady Chancellor hill. That is peaceful, serene and safer for a morning run.”
WF: You also run a boot camp, how has fitness as a business been for you?
BF: Boot camp was created to add diversity and excitement for those individuals who may tend to get uninterested quickly. It keeps them motivated to continue a healthy lifestyle. Due to the high demand of this activity, it was unintentionally further developed as a business even with prizes from my team. It keeps me content knowing that I am facilitating individuals in a positive way.
WF: You’ve been competing for the last couple years in the Men’s Physique Category, what was it like for your first time being on stage?
BF: My first competition was Sports World Classic 2014 and pre-stage it was heart pounding, an adrenaline rush came in at the point when I heard my name call to perform but when I actually went on and heard the crowd it was enjoyable and all in all, an amazing experience! Follow up competitions thereafter, I grew more comfortable and always managed to have fun on the stage, with each time becoming more pleasurable.
WF: How do you think these local competitions can be improved upon?
BF: The most desirable improvement would be better pre-stage accommodation for the athletes. It is much too cramped and heated for all athletes to prepare themselves. Another is the prizes. While I do what I do as a lifestyle, and whilst being a part of a team that assists me greatly in my journey, to prep for a national competition with proper foods, physical training and supplementation is quite expensive.
WF: How strict are you when it comes to cheat meals and how often do you allow yourself to indulge?
BF: I won’t lie, I love tasty foods and may indulge a portion as often as every day but my meals are generally on the healthy side all year round. However, weeks before a competition it is quite different. During that period I limit myself to strictly healthy eating multiple times daily with no cheating and ideal supplementation. It is difficult but it helps to curb cravings with the right supplements.

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