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Let's talk Journals

Having a journal isn’t just for expressing your feelings on paper.

Turns out fitness and journaling go hand in hand! It’s a great way to stay on top of your physical and mental health.

These journals are for anyone working towards a better lifestyle. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a personal trainer working with clients or on your own personal journey looking to build muscle, lose some weight or just manage your diet better, having a journal is effective.

Turns out keeping a routine log of your health gives you more awareness to what you’re consuming and putting into your body daily. Jotting down your progress will allow you to monitor your goals and hold yourself accountable. Consistent journaling can thus lead to healthy routines being born and old habits being broken!

You can use a fitness journal in so many ways. Use it to keep track of your body measurements, log your daily water and food intake, and even record your moods! Seeing your daily routine in this tangible way can act as a daily reminder of your goals! Recording some of your bad habits such as seeing how little water you drink daily and how little sleep you get every night can motivate you to do better!

Our Journals can record up to seventy three days of progress. That’s more than two months of hard work! You can easily flip back to day one of your journey to see how far you’ve come!

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