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About Us

About us

WeFitness Magazine was launched in 2014 as a family business. With a small, but talented, and dedicated team, we began our journey as a high quality print publication showcasing bodybuilding as well as other sport athletes, workout routines, and health and nutrition information from industry professionals.

In 2021 we’ve launched our new website that will be your one stop shop for all things fitness related. We even created an industry professionals directory listing where you can browse the services of fitness trainers, nutritionists, physical therapists, as well as a wide range of health and wellness professionals. On this website you would also be able to view all of our past issues.

Exposure to health and fitness information is at all time high, and everywhere you look people are understanding the role that fitness plays in their health and longevity. At Wefitness, we are here to motivate you on your journey. Whether you are a just starting out or you’re a bodybuilding professional, we have maintained our passion for providing our WeFit family with the information and resources they need to stay motivated and to get to the next level.

WeFitness is not just a magazine, it’s a Movement.

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