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 a good look and may be a bit embarrassing. When you’re working with professionals however they shouldn’t let that happen because there is the world famous software for post processing and retouching... “Photoshop”. When it comes to post processing, retouching hair is very time consuming especially when there is a large number of images to be done.
Hair and Makeup
I’m no expert on hair and makeup, but I always suggest a nude look and simple hair style like the classic ponytail, either braided or out for a more
 realistic workout look. Another great thing to walk with is a bronzer for the skin or something to give that nice shine to show up highlights and definition.
Last thing I should mention is, not every photographer specializes in fitness and physique photography, so there may not be exercise equipment at their studio. I would recommend walking with resistance bands to your shoot for a nice pump-up before and between shots to make sure you’re always on-point... And with that said, do not workout right before your session, you can workout the day before and be sure to get some rest before the shoot.
I hope you enjoyed my article and if you have any questions feel free to “shoot me” an email.
Now, go book your shoot and have some fun!

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