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 together as a team to ensure that your training routine is in-sync with a tailored nutrition plan to ensure that you reach your goal in the required time...
The amount of time you have to prep is critical and you need to be committed to the process, you can’t slack off. Both your
What to wear? Now this all depends on the reason for the shoot. For instance, if you’re a paid fitness model you may be asked to wear something specific or a few outfits might be supplied for you. If it’s a personal shoot, then you can wear anything your heart desires but I would recommend sticking
with solid colours with no busy prints. The reason for that is you don’t want to advertise what you’re wearing so it should not be the main focus, you are. Always walk with as many
options as possible, preferably no less than five outfits and please don’t forget your footwear.
Personal Grooming
Now this one is a very awkward topic but is very important. I’m not only referring to hairstyles and eyebrows but to underarm hairs and those in the pubic
area, especially when it comes to wearing a bikini or a low rise swim trunks. For example, let’s say the image is for a billboard, these hairs will be very noticeable at that size and is not
   trainer and nutritionist should be able to give an estimate on how long it may take your body to reach your goal. When you have that target date in mind, make your appointment.

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