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  Body part you are most proud of?
My back
Mentally what does it take to become a physique athlete? (bikini)
To be a bikini athlete you have to have a lot of discipline to deal with some sacrifices you will have to make by way of diet and training. You should also be very secure and confident in your decisions so that when you are faced with negativity you are strong enough mentally to not let it or other people opinions stress you. This is not a easy sport in mind or body.
Are there any lessons you've learned in the gym or in sport that you took over into your everyday life?
Whether you are doing bad or good, someone will always have something to say. Hard work, consistency and knowledge are very important and lastly your mind is very powerful. You can achieve anything you put your mind too.
How long do you plan to keep competing, any other goals on the horizon?
I am a go with the flow type of girl (except when it comes to food) who knows? I have no set plan. I have a competition coming up in Barbados. Aside from that, I will like to try some new training techniques as I am currently working on getting certified. My mind is open to new ideas.
What is one of your proudest moments?
When I won my first competition The Sport World Classic 2014. I also won overall for my category that year. I went into that competition just to have fun on stage and came out a winner.

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