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  What was your first time being on stage like?
The first time I was pretty excited and anxious to get it over with. I was afraid I may have tripped on stage so I just wanted to get on and off stage as gracefully as possible.
Is it sometimes hard to stay motivated? What keeps you going on the days when you may not really be feeling to workout?
Some days are hard, really hard especially when dieting. However, I just think about what my goals are, why am I even doing this and I remind myself that I have already brought myself this far, do I really want to quit? Do I want to choose the easy way out? What is another athlete doing? Are they quitting? I am my motivation.
How seriously do you take your diet, do you have cheat meals, are their any foods that you stay away from?
Oh I take my diet very seriously. I meal prep my food for the entire week including snacks. 99% of the time I have something to eat with me because I am ALWAYYSSSSS HUNGRY. Yes I do cheat but I plan my cheat meals in advance. There are a lot of foods I stay away from on a regular but when I am cheating I am cheating.
What is your favorite meal to prepare?
I do not know if this will count but I loveeeeee protein pancakes and eggs.
Do you prefer to workout with a trainer, a gym partner or just go solo?
For competition prep I prefer to train with my trainer. When I am offseason I prefer to train alone.
Favorite body part to train and your favorite workout?
My favourite body part to train is my back and my favourite workout is Hyper-extensions.

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