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  Do you rely heavily on supplements and what do you take if any? (Don't mention brands)
No, I don't rely heavily on supplements but if I do use anything it may be a beef protein and multi- vitamins. I do however rely heavily on the knowledge of my trainer and eating clean.
What types of food do you usually consume coming into competition?
During competition my diet is fish with sweet potato, broccoli, yam
Do you have any tips for keeping a disciplined diet?
Just think about the goals you want to achieve, how you look on stage, how you would like to look on stage and just have that mindset. Once your mind is made up you'll be fine.
What about cheat meals, how often do you allow yourself to have them?
Cheat meals are one day after the sixth day of diet.
What's your biggest motivation when training days get challenging?
My biggest motivation when training days become challenging is the goal I've set for myself and how I'd like to look on stage and the expression on my son's face when he sees his mommy's competition photos. When he's telling me "mommy lift your top so people can see your muscles" or "mom I want to be like you when I get big and going to the gym I want muscles like you".
What kind of music gets you hyped and ready to go?
Soca music gets me hyped but I can't use that on stage because I'll have the uncontrollable urge to "buss" a wine and party mode will kick in.

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