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  At what age did you pick up your first dumbbell?
I was about 12 years old, my brother was into training, I used to look at him all the time and decided to try it and then loved it.
Who first inspired you to be a weightlifter?
Weightlifting is something I've always loved and I've always loved the strong look, never thought that I would have found someone to get me at the level I'm at now until I met my trainer Wazim Mohammed who dedicates so much of his time to my training. My inspiration for competing is Kailash Winklaar who has the physique I'v always wanted and tried on numerous occasions to explain to my previous trainers the look I wanted to achieve and got no where.
Have you ever heard or do you ever hear negative comments about being a woman having muscles?
There are negative people around and I have had negative comments about being a woman with muscles, for example "a woman is not supposed to look like that" and "I have nothing better to do with my time". But in my opinion these people are jealous individuals and therefore I don't entertain these comments because as female athletes we will always get them and we work hard and sacrifice a lot to get to the level that we are.
What is your full time profession?
Being a mom is a full time job on it's own and I do have the sweetest five year old ever, I cannot ask for better and being married my husband is like a child as well so I do have my hands full. When the night comes, baby is asleep and my mommy duties have ended for the day I would do the accounts for our company.

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