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  What are your goals going into 2017?
It's still early in the bodybuilding season, I have four more shows this year including the CAC, IFBB Diamond Championships in England, an invitational in Guyana and the Darcy Beckles invitational in Barbados. I plan to take some time off in 2017 and also assist the young and upcoming athletes to reach a higher competitive standard so I can take a rest and be confident Trinidad and Tobago is well represented.
For our readers who may not be familiar, what does obtaining your 'pro card' mean for a body building/physique athlete?
In bodybuilding there are amateurs and professional athletes, amateurs usually aspire to become a pro where they can compete at pro shows among the best in the world. For an amateur athlete to become pro he/she must compete at the CAC championships which is held once ever year and must win his/her category which can consist of over 4 or 5 weight or height classes and not only win but also win the overall title in order to be considered by the ifbb board to recieve a pro card. Being a pro one can compete at cash shows and also have an opportunity to compete at the Mr Olympia in Las Vegas. That is the olympics of bodybuilding.
You've been to many shows abroad, do you get a lot of recognition within the bodybuilding community outside of Trinidad?
Yes I have traveled the world in this sport. Everywhere I go people treat me like a super star, I remember in Rio Brazil last year I had a lot of fans and was totally shocked by how many people know me. It takes some getting used to but I love my fans I also enjoy giving them health tips and guest posing in bodybuilding shows and health seminars abroad.

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