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Are you big on social media when it comes to promoting yourself? Do you think social media has done a lot to encourage more people into the healthy lifestyle?
I use social media quite frequently. Many persons have told me they are inspired by my posts on Instagram and Facebook.
What are your views on the latest growth in the healthy and fit lifestyle in Trinidad and Tobago? Here to stay or passing trend?
I think the healthy and fit lifestyle is here to stay. It has grown considerably over the past few years. More gyms are opening. Other fitness and health related businesses keep popping up.
We have a growing list of pet peeves here at WF, what is your biggest pet peeve at the gym?
Weights or other items not being reracked or returned to their original location.
If you could be any super hero who would it be and why?
I would be Storm because she is black, beautiful, strong and sexy.
What is the secret to flat, defined abs?
Train mean and eat clean. Can't solely focus on ab workouts. A well rounded program including a variety of exercises will strengthen and tone abs. You use your abs to stabalize your body in many exercises. A good diet, cardio and resistance training will help burn fat. This is how abs become lean, there are no quick fixes, you have to be patient.

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