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            Zelus Williams
Certified Personal Trainer | Entrepreneur | Manager
WF: How many years have you been lifting?
ZW: I have been weight lifting for 10 years now, I took a
year off but I’m still going at it strong.
WF: You own a catering company, you are surrounded by food all the time, is it hard to watch what you eat?
ZW: I will say no because am very conscious of my body most times so I know when to pull the string on eating crap, it’s also a mental thing with me, I know once I don't allow myself to put on too much excess weight then it would be easier for me when its time to prep for a competition.
WF: What advice would you give someone who finds it hard to resist the foods that keep them from achieving the results they want?
ZW: Try and set weekly goals for your eating habits by cutting down on one or two things that you shouldn’t eat per week. Also try to keep more healthy foods in your kitchen.
WF: Night out to dinner vs night at the gym?
ZW: I love both (laughs), night out at dinner with my family is fun, I eat my belly full of ribs and mash potatoes is my favorite, and I love to train on a Friday night especially when everyone is out liming and the gym is quiet and cool.
WF: What's the most rewarding thing about competing?
ZW: Just being able to be on a bodybuilding stage is an accomplishment for me, it brings out my inner strength, discipline and self motivation just to reach this far. It shows me that I can do anything that I put my mind to.
WF: What really gets you amped before a workout?
ZW: Some good hardcode dancehall music banging through my car speakers while I drive to the gym.
WF: Do you have a favorite and a least favorite body part to train?
ZW: Yes I do, my favorite body part is my back, I just love the pumped up feeling that I get when am working back and my least favorite would be legs, legs are so painful after a great workout.
WF: How are you able to balance operating a business, having a family and getting time to workout?
ZW: I must say that its very challenging at times but I set out a daily timetable that I try to follow, getting up at 4am every weekday to head to the gym then back to start the running of my business. It takes a lot out of me but I have my loving wife who helps me out big time, then picking up my son from school on an evening after work when his energy level is at 100% and mine is on ‘E’ is a bit challenging because I need to get a little rest before my second workout. I just try to spend as much time as I could with my family because that’s important.
WF: What has been the most challenging aspect for you when it comes to being a body building competitor?
ZW: The most challenging part of being a bodybuilder for me are the cost of protein powders and other forms of supplements which have sky rocketed over the past few years. Also its very hard to find a sponsor for this sport hence the only reason why I am still doing bodybuilding is because I love it.
WF: What would you like to see done to improve the standard of the sport in Trinidad and Tobago?
ZW: I wish that the federation and the athletes can work hand in hand to market the sport. This sport is full of so many great athletes who make sacrifices that a lot of average people won’t make but yet it goes unnoticed.

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