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Pet PeEves at the Gym
by Stefan Lee Fook
When one goes to the gym, one must be extremely focused. After sweating out a good gym session, you are ready to conquer any task put in front of you. You're in a mental state of readiness during this time and nothing is going to take this away from you...except that one person, the one taking a selfie while you wait to do your next set, or the Elton John tune the gym looks to throw on in the middle of your 4th set of Mountain Climbers. Now you feel like the only mountain you want to climb is the one that gets you to the cherry on top of a sundae. Here are ten of the biggest gym pet peeves known to man. This stuff will take you right out of your zone!
1. The Lazy Sweater
This particular species is easy to trace. They leave their DNA on every thing they touch. How hard is it to wipe a machine down after you're done with it? We're not asking you to massage it, but a quick rub normally does the job. The next time YOU have to navigate the minefield of sweat pools to increase the speed on the treadmill, just remember to think of your fellow gym member to come.
2. The Know it All
These are the people whose only workout comprises of the cardio they get by walking around to people to give them the best advice on everything, but they actually know nothing. That one guy who thought crossfit was a way for the church to get their congregation healthy

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