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with Quincy Alexander
WF: You’ve clearly worked hard to accomplish a lot so far, how do you manage to stay on top?
QA: Ever since I started racing for my country I've been able to win at international events. I just want to be an individual who can excel and do my best in my sport and keep moving forward. You have to be patient, the accolades and winning will come, you just have to be patient with the training and continue moving forward.
WF: What do you want to accomplish in the sport?
QA: I want to win the Pan American Championships for the sprint, which I have already won for the ten kilometer. I want to win the Commonwealth Games, World Championships and The Olympics. I have time for that, so I just have to continue moving forward and continue working towards it.
WF: So what is the next major event for you?
QA: We have The Grand Prix coming up as well as the World Series. Not too sure how the Olympics will pan out just yet. The qualification system for cycling is difficult. For athletics, you just have to make a certain time to qualify. In cycling, you have to make it in the top two in the Pan American region in order to qualify. Aside from that you have the administration issues, which aren’t always a bed of roses. You have to battle that as well. But when you have your own personal dreams for something, that also comes into play and that eliminates those factors because it’s something you want to accomplish. Once you see it fit to keep moving forward it’s up to you to stay focused.
WF: Staying focused is right! Who or what inspires you?
QA: I don’t know if I would say that I have any one particular inspiration, but I do know that I used to watch cycling at the Arima Velodrome. Every Easter my parents would take me there and I guess from that I grew to like the sport and as I grew into it different things began to inspire me. Actually things that inspire me don’t come from my sport. The two athletes I really look up to are Cristiano Ronaldo and Usain Bolt because I think that their work ethic is out of this world and they are very professional in what they do.

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