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with Quincy Alexander - continued
WF: How do you stay motivated?
QA: I think it’s normal to get demotivated sometimes. It’s a natural human thing and I actually think that a little free time to relax your mind is good. It’s just a phase and then you wake up and say ok it’s time to go again. It's like working out at the gym. You get to a point where you get a build up of lactic acid in your muscles and your body is under so much stress you feel to quit, but once you work through it you come out of it feeling good or even better. I look at being motivated the same way. Even if you are not motivated, still go to the workout and still try your best because before you know it you come out of that demotivated phase.
WF: Do you see room for growth of the sport in Trinidad?
QA: Yea I do see growth coming with the construction of the new cycling center in Couva. When it opens we would be able to host international competitions that we weren't able to host before. Teams would want to come here for training. It would open up Trinidad and Tobago as a place where cycling can grow and become more popular. Being able to host competitions and host training camps on an international level, I think would show the outside world that Trinidad is stepping up in the sport of cycling. From a local perspective the facility is fascinating and Trinidadians like to see nice things. Once it is open to the public I think they would like it. It’s not just a cycling center, there's also swimming and many other activities that children can take part in. It will be a good place, not only for the elite level cyclist, but also to introduce the sport to the wider public.
WF: What advice would you give to a young person who wants to get into cycling?
QA: The first thing you may want to do, if you already have a bike, is to get a helmet and your cycling clothes and go to your nearest cycling club. It’s fun and a really good form of exercise. If you want to take it to another level where you want to accomplish big things, the training is very hard and intense, but a lot of fun once you like it. It’s just very expensive once you start moving forward.
WF: Talking about expensive, I can’t help but notice the fancy bike standing in the corner.
QA: (Laughing) The thing is I have to say thank God that my team, ‘Dry Face Sport’, actually bought that bike for me. The frame alone without the wheels costs €7500 (about $54,000TT), so I was very blessed to have this bike given to me by my wonderful team.

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