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Welcome note from our
 Hi guys,
For quite some time I have been an admirer of aerialism as well as pole dancing. I love the strength and poise that it requires... But fear, as well as the notion that all great dancers start at a young age, has kept me from a truly great experience. That's why I am beyond ecstatic to share this issue with you and introduce a wonderful aerialist, Sade Ellis, who has inspired me a great deal. She had no background in dance before moving to California 4 years ago to study and now, well you are a turn of a page away from seeing for yourself.
Our shoot with Sade was very interactive.
I was even encouraged to attempt a basic move on the pole which was nowhere near graceful, and that I will never be able to forget as Kirky never fails to capture my greatest moments on our shoots, or in life.
Now go on, turn that page and begin your journey through this issue.
P.S.It'snevertoolate.Whateveryourdesires, dreams or aspirations, give it a go. Try everything! Be active! Ok now really, go on...
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