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  in one arm and Olive Oyl in the next. These culprits should be easy to find though... just look for the people working out with mismatched socks.
8. Drop It Like It's Hot
You're psyching yourself up to complete your last set of arm curls...your arms are burning but you are focused. And just as you are about to start, you hear a loud crash. Your only reaction is to jump like a school girl, and no pumping yourself up in the mirror is going to make you forget that. If weights were meant to be dropped like that I am pretty sure they would have have covered it in bubble wrap.
9. Just Keep it Pumpin
Music and the gym go together like a Trinidadian and his opinion. Nothing messes with your work out like a bad music mix. A Road March tune gives you that extra push... Like a Boss! Following that up with a Celine Dion mix also gives you a push... right out the door. If I wanted to romance some weight, I would've stuck around on singles night at the buffet. Please leave the mellow stuff for the yoga studio.
10. Machine Maniac
A good exercise routine is made up of a balance of some cardiovascular, some weight training and some aerobics. Going to the gym and using one machine for 3 hours doesn't only scream imbalance... it also screams possessive. If you spent any more time with that one machine it would be considered squatting, and I'm not talking about working on those glutes. Other paying members would also like to use the machine, but it makes it very hard when you assume ownership. It gets to the point where the eliptical should file a restraining order.
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