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  Wheel Barrow
This exercise promotes core strengthening and proprioception.
You will need: a basket, a few bean bags.
- Place a basket or any other container that could fit a few bean bags in the center of the
- Place bean bags in different corners of the room.
- Clear the area for a clear path to all bean bags.
- Hold the child's feet and ask the child to walk on his/her hands (a.k.a wheelbarrow
- Help the child to reach the bean bags by wheelbarrow walking towards the bean bags. - When the child reaches a bean bag, ask the child to place the bean bag on the back of
the neck (resting between the shoulder blades).
- Ask the child to wheelbarrow walk towards the container and drop the bean bag inside. - Repeat these steps until all the bean bags are in the container.
Balloon Jump Squats
With the balloons between your legs, perform small jumps to target the glutes. You can do it static or around the room.
Hoola Hoop
Hooping is a complete core and cardio workout, it can help to whittle your waist and strengthen your stomach muscles while blasting fat in these often problematic areas. Studies have shown that hooping burns visceral fat (the fat that is the hardest to get off the older you get), and also the most detrimental to heart health. Most importantly, it is soooo funny!
Bunny Hops
Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
Lower into a squat position and jump as far forward as possible.
Land on the balls of both feet and spring up as quickly as you can.
(Use quick double arm swings, keep your body vertical and straight, and do not let your knees move apart)

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