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 Lee Beatrice
TTBBF Super Heavy Weight Body Building Athlete. Age: 41, Height: 5ft 9.5" Weight: 260lbs, 235lbs at competition.
You can't talk much about bodybuilding in Trinidad and Tobago without talking about the big guys in the business. In case you’ve never heard, Lee Beatrice is a big man in the business, in more ways than one. Lee is a Trinidad and Tobago bodybuilding athlete as well as a gym owner. Most recently he was placed first at the TTBBF Senior Bodybuilding Competition. He's been doing this for many years now and has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience. As imposing as he may seem he's somewhat of a gentle giant, an approachable guy very willing to share knowledge which has been acquired not only through his own journey but also what has been parted on to him by his own role models in the sport.
WEFITNESS Magazine caught up with Lee at his gym (CLX Health & Fitness Centre)... He greeted us in a fitted fluorescent green workout suit. It was almost like a hulk uniform. He’s probably bigger and a lot stronger than most people you cross paths with on your daily commute. To be honest he's probably bigger than the biggest guy at your local gym. Yet still Lee comes across as a very humble guy, though he does admit that at times he tends to draw attention in the form of stares and random strangers wanting to feel his muscles for authenticity. He's very appreciative of how far he's come and is no where near ready to hang up the dumbells.
Lee.Beatrice @strongy911

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