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Innovator 6 Pack Bag HumanX Weight Vest The Forerunner 225
      Apps Nike+ Runner's World Go
        Price: US$69.48
6 Pack Fitness was founded to create innovative solutions for keeping athletes on target with their fitness goals, no matter where the day takes them. Inspired by design and serious about function, the Innovator bag easily carries your gym gear, meals and sports nutrition products from point A to point B.
Price: US$71.54
This vest is not only comfortable, but it also stays put during even the toughest, fastest workouts. Just ask top CrossFit competitors like Jason Kalipha, who use it regularly for workouts like Murph. The 20-pound vest is a good size for most guys.
Price: US$22.00
If you haven’t jumped rope since high school gym class, you’re missing out. The old-school activity improves your cardio, movement, and coordination. And there’s a reason that Rogue’s SR-1 is the jump rope that the athletes in the CrossFit games use: Its high-preci- sion cartridge ball bearings make it freaky fast, so you can nail doubleunders and test your lungs.
Price: US$249.99
The Forerunner 225 is an all-day activity tracker, running watch with GPS, and heart-rate monitor all wrapped up into a single device. The GPS is used to accurately measure pace and distance when running outdoors. Thanks to the optical heart-rate sensor on the back of the watch, you can track beats per minute both during workouts, and whenever you'd like to start measuring it during the day.
  In addition to the basic tracking—distance and time—Nike has engineered its app to cheer every time you receive a Facebook “like” or comment, encouraging you to keep running strong until the end. Nike+ also has teamed up with Spotify to more easily access music while using the Nike+ app.
Free; iOS, Android
Whether your goal is getting out on the road more, running your first race, or crossing the marathon finish line with a new PR, Runner’s World Go provides all the tracking tools, expert knowledge, and motivation you need to absolutely crush it.
Free; iOS

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