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 have to set boundaries for yourself if you want longevity. If you’ve already found yourself keeping less than desirable hours try your best to communicate with your client on adjusting their training schedule to accommodate you, most times they can be flexible if they see the value of your service. It might be sad to pass someone on if they can’t work with your time but believe me you’ll be much better off in the long run.
While you may think when opportunity is knocking it’s best to answer and your desire for experience and you wanting to prove yourself is your number one priority as a new trainer, the truth is you will be the determining factor in contributing to your own failure. Learning to say “No” or “Not now” is a difficult thing when you’re staring money right in the face but the truth is your potential clients aren’t concerned about your life and what your own goals are. Their only interest in you is to get their goals accomplished; potential clients have a way in sending you on guilt-trips or sweet talking you into helping them and if you’re not careful and you end up finding yourself working with fickle people that really have little interest in committing to a training plan. There isn’t anything worse
than passing up on something personally important because you’re waiting on a client who eventually “no-shows” you in the middle of the day or the first thing in the morning. You’ll begin to resent your client and you’ll notice that your attitude toward them and their goals begin to negatively change.
As I also continue to grow in this business I seek new challenges to keep myself motivated, I merge personal time and continuing education as part of my own development and mental regeneration, so when I return to my clients and athletes I have something new to offer. I also set benchmarks for my career and measure my success by my effectiveness in my clients’ lives as well as the growth of my personal finances. I’ve learned to recognize who and what drains me of my physical and mental energy and I’m always self-evaluating and aspiring to evolve. As you also aspire to improve the lives of others remember you can’t be good to them if you aren’t good to yourself. Good luck!

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