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 IFBB PRO Christopher White
Q&A with Lee Beatrice with Dale Padmore
WF: What's your cheat meal?
LB: I don't really have a cheat meal but I have a favorite meal, I love steak, cooked
WF: For someone who wants to get into the sport, what advice would you give them
as to bodybuilding on a budget?
LB: Because of the introduction of new categories like the physique and bikini and so forth, it's easier for a lot of people to acquire that look within a short space of time as say for a bodybuilder which takes years to be competitive. You can train for months if you have the genetics and fit into a physique or bikini category. When it comes to nutrition and training it's the same concept that's involved just that the quantity would be less, you don't have to get as big as a bodybuilder has to get. Financially speaking, like with everything there is a cost involved, eating healthy and preparing your meals. It's better to go to the supermarket and pick up a bag of potatoes, some chicken breast, some egg whites as opposed to going to a supplement shop and buying a bag of protein powder. That wouldn't sustain you, it's just to supplement your diet. Your foundation should be food as well as a good multivitamin, multi-mineral supplement. A lot of people go towards expensive products and forget about vitamins and minerals. Purchase products that are needs not so much wants just because this athlete or that athlete is using a particular product. Make an analysis of what you consume on a regular basis and then start to fill those gaps based on your needs.
WF: Being a really big guy as you are, what kind of reaction do you get from people when you go out?
LB: Well It depends on how I'm dressed. I try not to dress like I would in a gym environment because it draws too much attention. I normally wear lose baggy clothes so people see me and say it's a big guy not so much muscular. So sometimes I would wear long pants and long sleeves and they say yeah he’s got some size but when you start to wear short sleeves or shorts pants or whatever and they see your calves, I mean that draws attention and sometimes people want to come touch you and feel you and they want to see if it's real. It's a good feeling to know that all your hard work and sacrifice and effort is greatly appreciated.
WF: Shopping for clothes must be a lot of fun. What is it like buying clothes for someone your size?
LB: It's really difficult because within recent times most of the trendy clothes now are designed with the metro and slim fit cut, it's not designed for bodybuilders like myself so it's hard for me to find clothes. I tend to find more of my clothes online or when I do travel I go to the big and tall stores. Even when I buy jeans I have to buy bigger than my waist and then take it to a tailor, so most of my clothes are tailor made or I would wear draw string pants so I can just pull the waist in. It's hard to get run of the mill clothes like everyone else unless it's a regular t-shirt. But even then you find that the sleeves are cut small although the body may fit. It's hard sometimes.
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