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 When you first meet Kenny you can't help but notice his positive demeanor... Confident, yet humble and always appreciative. We met up with Kenny at Raw Fitness for his interview where he also trains and works as a personal trainer.
An Ordinary Seaman in the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard, Kenny is also an all round athlete. He does gymnastics, kickboxing (which he also teaches) and plays football (maybe more), and to add to all this he’s gifted with a tremendous physique that was built on an all natural diet.
Kenny is the type that you look at and think “that guy is going somewhere”... and he knows it. As much as he believes in himself, his personality inspires others to believe in him as well, which is why he has been able to become a locally sponsored physique athlete by his gym. Because he does not take any body building supplements, protein or otherwise, Kenny says he relies heavily on a balanced all natural diet which can become “quite costly” and something he couldn't have easily accomplished without his sponsors.
He has his sights set on turning pro in the near future and is excited about his new training family, ‘The Winklaar Army’, where bodybuilding couple Quincy and Kailash Winklaar have taken him under their wings. “They are such nice and genuine people” he says, “and their combined experience goes a long way.” After our chat with Kenny, we’re convinced that you guys have to keep an eye out for this one!

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